MMA fighter Alexander Pisarev tragically dies after eating poisoned watermelon with his wife

By Sportarsh Team
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Alexander Pisarev, an MMA fighter, died tragically after allegedly eating a poisoned watermelon.

The 33-year-old Russian fighter was discovered unconscious in his Moscow apartment with his wife.

According to the late fighter’s father, he went for a walk with their family dog only to return to find both of them unconscious. He said as quoted by Pravda:

I looked into the room — Alexander and his wife were sleeping. I came closer and then realised that my son was no longer breathing.

There were fractures of the fingers after the last fights, but this is nothing. We all eat the same food, we live together.

A member of his team, told Russian news agency TASS:

Alexander Pisarev died in his sleep and did not have any chronic health problems. According to preliminary data, death was the result of food poisoning.”

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Investigations into the cause of his death have already begun, with the Moscow Region Investigative Committee issuing the following statement:

In Balashikha, an investigation was organized into the death of an athlete as a result of poisoning.”

“Investigators, with the participation of a forensic specialist, are conducting an additional inspection of the scene, confiscating items relevant to the investigation, and planning a forensic chemical examination.”

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