The Captaincy role is still vacant, who should Arteta pick as Next Arsenal Captain?

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Sportarsh Team
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Arsenal over the years have had problems electing leaders to don the captains armband.

The likes of Gallas, Henry, Fabregas, Van persie and Koscielny all left the club while still in charge. The story wasn’t different with Aubameyang either. He was stripped off the captaincy by Arteta for disciplinary issues and was axed to Barcelona.

Departed french forward, Alexander Lacazette was given the arm band temporarily till the end of the season. And now that he’s left the club who should the next candidate be?

Well there are quite a few players who fit the profile. Most notable is Martin Odegaard. The Norwegian player has shown tremendous leadership qualities ever since joining the club.

Thomas Partey, Granit Xhaka and Kieran Tierney all fit the profile. Arteta on the other had is aware of this and taking steps to break the ‘Arsenal captaincy curse’.

Speaking to the media this is what he said:

I’m very clear how I want it. The manager (Emery) has his own way. I’ve seen extremely successful teams run and led on that kind of vote and I’ve seen others that they haven’t been so good. It depends much more on the personalities and the human qualities you have.

For me, the most important thing is that the other people – whether it’s coaches, staff members or players – when you talk, they listen to you. You don’t have to be talking all the time… the most important quality (is) you have to be able to transmit your thoughts and ideas in a powerful way. So you’re able to inspire people and get people behind you.

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