Father of Liverpool star Luiz Diaz rescued from terrorist group 12 days after been kidnapped

By Sportarsh Team
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Good news as Luis Manuel Diaz, father of Luis Diaz, has been rescued today. Luis Manuel Diaz was abducted on October 28, together with his wife by guerrilla terrorist group ELN.

But a swift intervention from authorities saw Luis Diaz’s mother rescued hours after being kidnapped.

The terrorist group, ELN, is an anti-government National Liberation army in Columbia. And according to the group, the abduction of Luis Diaz father was a ‘mistake‘.

Father of Liverpool star Luiz Diaz rescued from terrorist group 12 days after been kidnapped
Luis Diaz father (middle) shortly after being rescued

Luis Diaz’s Aunt shared on live TV following the rescue:

“There were many days of uncertainty, of sleeplessness, of late nights. Today we are happy, happy to know that we already saw him. He is not as we would like, but he is alive.”

A statement also from the Colombia FA read:

The Colombian Football Federation thanks the National Government, the Military Forces and the National Police, as well as all the institutions and officials that made the release of Luís Manuel Díaz, father of our player Luís Díaz, possible.

Football as a sporting discipline symbolizes talent, dedication, teamwork and the intrinsic values of human beings. In Colombia it must continue to be a benchmark for entertainment, healthy competition, unity and joy.

Therefore, we insist on the need to maintain this activity, as well as those who are involved in it, in the sporting and administrative part and their families, outside of any scenario other than sports.

Behind a ball, the dreams and illusions of boys and girls, young people, women, men and adult soccer players, their loved ones and an entire country roll. Football is passion in peace. Let no one ever think of attacking that reality again!.

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