‘You just know that he’ll get stronger,He’s a hell of a centre-back’: Gary Neville continues to praise Saliba

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Former Manchester United player Gary Neville, is still praising William Saliba after seeing him play against Crystal Palace.

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Saliba made an impressive debut against Crystal Palace last Friday, assisting Arsenal to a 2-0 victory. It was Saliba’s first clean sheet for Arsenal in his debut in the Premier League.

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He ‘wowed’ many, and Gary Neville, who praised him on Friday, is still praising him. Saliba has spent the last three seasons on loan from the club, but he is now an important member of Arteta’s squad.

In a podcast with his followers he said:

You just know that he will get stronger, he will get more wise, and you know that in three years he is going to be one hell of a centre-back.

He is a hell of a centre-back now, but when you see him in another two, three, four years’ time…

Gary Neville

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