‘How dare he do that’: Ian Holloway still angry with Sanchez for how he disrespected Arsene Wenger by joining Manchester United

By Sportarsh Team
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Former footballer Ian Holloway has reveals how he is still angry with Alexis Sanchez for the disrespect he showed towards Arsene Wenger.

Sanchez forced a move to Manchester United in 2018, which enraged many Arsenal fans.

After four fruitful seasons at the Emirates, the Chilean began to believe he was greater than Arsenal. Though he forced a move to Manchester United, he never lived up to expectations.

Holloway speaking on Pitch Side Podcast, said:

“He was everywhere and he played for all of those great teams because he was willing to run. But when he thought he was good and he started pulling his hat over his head and saying he was disappointed in Arsene Wenger. How dare he do that to Arsene Wenger, who the hell do you think you are mate? I’m sorry.”

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