‘I shunned him after he came out and I regret’: Ex England player Fashanu blames himself after his brother took his own life, insisting England must take the knee in support of gay rights in Qatar

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Former England player John Fashanu has blamed himself for his brother’s death and has urged England players to take the knee during the World Cup in Qatar.

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The former player claims that taking the knee will help fight racism and gay rights discrimination. His brother, Justin, who came out as gay in 1990, committed suicide eight years later as a result of neglect from his own family.

In an interview with the Mirror, Fashanu recalls offering his brother money to keep him quiet because going public would bring shame to the family.

Justin Fashanu

However, he’s recently revealed that he is an outspoken supporter of gay rights. He changed his mind after his late brother dug a hole and told him to lie in it while he poured sand up to his neck.

Fashanu recalls feeling powerless and unable to breathe. “Now you know what it feels like to be me every single day”, his brother said to him.

If I was playing in Qatar I would take the knee to send the message we’re against all forms of discrimination.

If anyone was to blame for what happened it was me. I shunned my brother. If I was like that with him, what was everyone else like?

Just as Justin made me understand that day, our fans can help the Qataris look again at their own position on LGBT rights. The World Cup should be an opportunity to educate.

John Fashanu

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