‘I’m not sure it will happen’: Jamie Carragher insists there’s no way ‘inconsistent’ Man City can overtake Arsenal

By Sportarsh Team
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Ex liverpool Jamie Carragher believes it will be difficult for Manchester City to overtake Arsenal in a bid to win the EPL.

Arsenal dropped points last week after losing 1-0 to Everton. This gave Manchester City an opportunity to close the points gap to 2 but they also lost to Tottenham Hotspur by a similar scoreline.

As it stands Arsenal are still five points ahead of Manchester City with a game in hand.

Sharing his views on City’s inconsistencies this season, he stated:

‘I mentioned it before, we keep talking about Arsenal, Manchester City, there’s still a long way to go. You’re almost waiting for City to kick in to be the City that we know so well.’

‘It just feels like this might be the season that they’re just not quite themselves, for lots of different reasons.’

‘Maybe the role of Haaland in the team as well. It’s not the Man City of old. This idea of what they’ve done to Liverpool a couple of times in title races, I’m not sure it will happen. It feels like a different City that we’re watching right now.’

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