Lewis Hamilton Networth History and facts

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This article on Lewis Hamilton talks about his Networth History and other important facts. Formula 1 racing cannot be talked about without the mentioning of Lewis Hamilton. He’s won a record 7 world Driver’s championship titles; although tied with Michael Schumacher.

Not only this, he also holds the record for most wins (103).

Lewis Hamilton Networth History and facts:

Humble Beginnings

Lewis Hamilton came into this world on the 7th of January 1985. Hamilton is a mixed race as his mother is white British while his dad is black; with Grenadian descent. At the age of two his parents divorced, forcing him to live with his mom and other half siblings until he was twelve.

After turning twelve, he went to stay with his father. At his father’s, he got a present from him. Guess what the present was? a radio-controlled. But this was when he was five years old. So literally his father introduced him to racing. His father continued to show him love buying him a mini go cart the following year.

At the age of 8, he enrolled in a junior racing event. And at age 10, won the British cadet karting championship.

Turning Professional

Lewis Hamilton turned professional in 2001 racing in the British Formula Renault Winter Series. Hamilton is the only and first black racer to race in the Formula 1. He won his first formula 1 title in 2007 and since hasn’t looked back.

Lewis Hamilton Family:


Lewis Hamilton mother

Lewis Hamilton mother goes by name Carmen Larbalestier. She is a white British hailing from Birmingham. Lewis plans on adding his mum’s last name to his, as a way of celebrating her.

For his father, he goes by name Anthony Hamilton. He is black and has a Grenadian descent. His father used to work numerous jobs just to support his son’s dream of being a car racer.

Lewis Hamilton Brother and sisters

Lewis Hamilton has three siblings, although they are all half siblings. They go by names Samantha, Nicola and Nicolas. The first two are females while Nicolas ( male) is also a professional race driver.

Lewis Hamilton Girlfriend list

Lewis Hamilton has dated quite a lot of women. Notable names like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are all included.


First in the list is Lloyd. He dated her in 2002 after first meeting at the celebrity haunt 10 Rooms. Their relationship however didn’t last long due to its long distance nature.


It is alleged that he dated Jodie Ma. Jodie Ma is the daughter of Hong Kong business man Ma Bo-Kee. They first met at the Cambridge School of Arts and proceeded to date for four years. The relationship ended in 2007 but they are still friends till date.


Reports circulated that Hamilton was dating Lotta Hintsa. They were often seen together thus the presumption they are dating. But Lotta Hintsa came out to clear the air saying they were just friends.


Vivian Burkhardt is a former Miss World contestant. She had a relationship with Hamilton before she was dumped. In her replacement was Nicole Scherzinger.

Nicole Scherzinger

Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger is the only woman Lewis Hamilton has dated for long. They dated for 7 years although the relationship was mostly on and off. Nicole and Lewis broke up in 2016 and this time never came back.

According to Nicole Scherzinger, Lewis Hamilton never had time for her. She stated Hamilton always treated her as second option whilst making his cars his priority.


Lewis Hamilton girl friend

Lewis and Rihanna had a thing going in 2015. The were often seen flirting in open. But Lewis Hamilton played the friends card to the media. However according to reports, Hamilton wanted to take the relationship a step further but Rihanna at the time didn’t want to be tied down.


Lewis Hamilton girl friend

After parting ways with Nicole Scherzinger, he went in for Rita Ora. Both of them never came out to confirm their affairs. But we know they had something going.


Lewis Hamilton Networth History

After the Monaco grand prix, the two were spotted partying. A year later Hamilton himself uploaded a video on social media of the two holding hands and walking a corridor in Budapest. Currently they are no longer together as she is now with US actor Dylan Sprouse.


Lewis Hamilton Networth History

Winnie Harlow is a supper model who suffers from a skin condition vitiligo. She was first seen with Lewis Hamilton in 2016 at the GQ Awards in London. Again Lewis played the friends card but their public flirting said otherwise.


Lewis Hamilton Networth History

Sofia Richie is the daughter of Lionel Richie. Though there is a huge age difference of 14 , this didn’t bother them. They were seen countless times in 2017 and were even present at the Paris Fashion Week that same year.


Lewis Hamilton Networth History
The rap star and Lewis Hamilton had a thing going. They never came out publicly resulting in many speculations if they’re or not. But we know they had something on as they were seen together in Dubai. Not only this, they also stepped out together at the TommyXLewis Launch Party in New York in 2018 and were reportedly holding hands.

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Lewis Hamilton Children

As we speak, the formula 1 racer has no children. In the future maybe but for now he has none.

Lewis Hamilton wife

As we speak Lewis Hamilton is not yet married. He’s only married to his cars , 😂 lolz.

Lewis Hamilton closest friend

Lewis Hamilton Networth History

Hamilton closest friend goes by name Angela Cullen. Angela Cullen has been by Hamilton’s side since 2016 and the pair have become inseparable on the road. When the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID, the two went on rock climbing together.

Lewis Hamilton cars

Lewis Hamilton Networth History

Lewis has a series of impressive cars in his garage. We take a look at some of them.

He has a Ferrari LaFerrari, Pagani Zonda 760 LH, McLaren P1, 1966 Shelby 427 Cobra, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupe Black Series, 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500, Mercedes-AMG Project One and MV Agusta Lewis Hamilton edition 800RR

Lewis Hamilton Zodiac

Lewis Hamilton is a Capricorn. It is the tenth astrological sign in the Zodiac and people born between December 21 to January 21 fall under this. The symbol can be seen below.

Lewis Hamilton Networth History

Lewis Hamilton Networth History


Lewis Hamilton was born a raised a Catholic. He still is and isn’t planning on changing anytime soon.

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