“Putting faith in youngsters means you’ll have to wait for success” – warns Liverpool legend Graeme Souness

By Sportarsh Team
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Liverpool legend Graeme Souness believes Arsenal’s decision to give their young players playing time means they will have to wait for success.

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Arsenal is rebuilding and, as a result, have been signing players in their early twenties.

In the long run, this policy makes sense because the players will grow together and achieve long-term success at the club.

The club was on the verge of finishing in the top four, but inexperience cost them. Souness believes Arsenal’s success will take time for this reason.

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As quoted by Liverpool Echo, he said:

Is the process faith in young players? If that’s your process you’ll have to wait for success. I think they were predictable. I think what you get with young players is that inconsistency, it’s a hard long season.

I can remember going back a few years, when they played against Liverpool they played against a team of men and if you’ve been across the course over time you become battle-hardened and I don’t think Arsenal have any of that in them and it’ll be a slow process.“I don’t know what process you’re eluding to but it’ll be a slow process for them.

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