Moment MMA boss storms cage during bout to disqualify both fighters for being ‘too boring’

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The head of a Russian mixed-martial-arts tournament sensationally hooked two combatants in the middle of a fight because they were too boring, and UFC president Dana White is overjoyed.

Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov squared off in the quarterfinals of the ACA 141 event in Sochi, Russia on Friday.

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Khasiev enters the arena and calls the fight off

Both fighters were slammed after only standing there for four of the scheduled rounds, despite the fact that the late stage of the tournament should have generated plenty of energy and desire to win.

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This is when ACA President Mairbek Khasjiev stepped in. According to reports, Khasiev refused to pay the two fighters.

The shocking intervention of the Russian fight boss did not escape the notice of UFC president Dana White, who was blown away by his efforts. ‘That is f**king amazing. Congratulations to [Mairbek Khasiev]. Extremely unprofessional but f**king awesome at the same time.’

Was it really a dull fight? [laughs] It does, however, give me some f**king ideas for next Tuesday. ‘Trust me, there have been days when I just wanted to throw a chair in there.’

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