Odegaard can’t play line breaking passes, Arsenal needs a Christian Eriksen kind of player, says Paul Merson

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Former Arsenal player turned pundit Paul Merson believes his former club requires a Christian Eriksen-type player in their squad.

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This comes after Arsenal’s unbeaten run came to an end at Old Trafford. Arsenal was defeated 3-1 by Manchester United. The Gunners had won five straight games prior to the match, and we’re hoping to make it six.

Manchester United are now on a four-game winning streak after losing their first two games. Despite the scoreline, Arsenal were the superior team.

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United’s strategy on the day was to give Arsenal possession and then catch them on the break. And it worked flawlessly thanks to Christian Eriksen’s line-breaking passes.

Merson, who was impressed by his performance on the day believes Arsenal currently lacks a ‘Christian Eriksen’ type player. He said on Sky Sports:

“The first 15 minutes of the second half they [United] got ripped to shreds. Arsenal should have gone on and won it. It was so one-sided, the football match, He was the difference, Eriksen.”

“I thought he got run ragged by [Martin] Odegaard at times, I thought Odegaard was getting him, turning him and squaring him up, he was running the show. ‘But the thing with Eriksen that Arsenal haven’t got is that ball through the lines.”

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