“He’s the best striker/defender I’ve ever found to play all three positions,we would miss him” – Pep hails GABRIEL JESUS Commitment

By Sportarsh Team
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Despite only playing a few minutes, Pep Guardiola praised Arsenal new boy Gabriel Jesus for his dedication on the field.

The Brazilian has recently left City to join Arsenal, where he will be the focal point of their offense.

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However, he rarely started games at his previous club because the team was stacked with goal scorers all over the field.

Guardiola noticed Jesus’ impact on the field, despite not relying on him for goals, and praised the striker.

As quoted by Express Sport, he said:

He’s the best striker/defender I ever found to play in the three positions. [He] can play five minutes; he plays the best five minutes of his life.

He plays for 90 minutes; he will give everything. I had the feeling that in most cases, we would miss him, but it’s football, it’s life, and the successes, all of them, will be our happiness.

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