‘Arsenal has shown Jesus love,Man City didn’t; he will repay the love by becoming the best striker in Europe’: Ronaldinho tips JESUS for greatness

By Sportarsh Team
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Brazilian icon Ronaldinho has predicted greatness for Arsenal’s new striker Gabriel Jesus.

The retired Brazilian believes his countryman will go on to become one of Europe’s best strikers due to the love he’s received at Arsenal.

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Gabriel Jesus joined Arsenal this summer from Manchester City and has already scored twice in three Premier League games. He scored in Arsenal’s 3-0 victory over Bournemouth, but VAR ruled it for offside.

He wasn’t a focal point of attacks at Manchester City, but at Arsenal he’s the main man. Mikel Arteta has even placed faith in him by appointing him as deputy captain.

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Ronaldinho believes that the club’s faith in him will propel him to greatness. As quoted by Mirror Football, he said:

When Gabriel joined Manchester City I said he would go on to be one of the best players in the world. When he was given a chance, he showed what he was capable of – but at Manchester City he was never shown the love a player of his quality deserves.

At Arsenal he has been given the chance to be the focal point, he has been shown the love by the coach and the fans, and already he is repaying that. This season I expect big things from him – he will repay the love shown in him by showing he is not just one of the best players in The Premier League but also in Europe.

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