English Rugby wants to BAN transgender women from playing in women’s games

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The Rugby Football Union has recommended that transgender women be barred from playing in women’s matches.

The decision was made after a two-year review, and if accepted by the RFU Council, the new policy could be implemented before the 2022–23 season.

A statement read:

The RFU council will vote on a recommendation for a policy change for contact rugby to only permit players in the female category whose sex recorded at birth was female.

This is a complex and difficult decision and the recommendation has not been made lightly or without thorough and full research and consultation.

The RFU has contacted registered trans female players, on whom the policy will have a direct impact to offer its support in continuing to encourage them to participate in the sport.

Prior to this change in policy, the English governing body had occasionally let transsexual women to compete in women’s rugby.

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RFU CEO Bill Sweeney

English rugby has since changed its position, claiming that research shows that male puberty causes “physical disparities” and “advantages in strength, stamina, and physique.”

Source: Daily Mail

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