‘There is a curse on the club’: Ex Arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor claims he knew Arsenal would bottle the league last season

By Sportarsh Team
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Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor reveals he was rooting for Arsenal to win the title last season but at the same time knew his former side would bottle it.

Adebayor joined the Gunners in 2006 and left after three seasons to Manchester City, leaving a sour taste in the mouth of Arsenal fans.

The Togolese international speaking to Sky Sports stated:

“Last season we were all rooting for them to win the league and they came very close.We’d be first or second and then around February a player would get injured or suspended and that’s it.

“The league is gone. We had a great team but a young team, we needed a leader.”

“So when I saw them starting to drop points, even when Man City were several points behind, I said listen to me, I don’t know whether there is a curse on the club but it’s going to be difficult for them to win the league.”

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