‘They are bigger than the Europa league’: former player Emmanuel Petit urges Arsenal to focus on the EPL

By Sportarsh Team
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Former Arsenal player Emmanuel Petit has urged the club to focus on the Premier League, insisting that the club must return to its former glory.

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The Gunners have not won the Premier League in nearly 18 years and have not competed in the Champions League in six. Petit wants Arsenal to win the league and compete in the Champions League.

Arsenal are currently second in the league standings with 15 points after winning 5 of their last 6 EPL games.

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Last season, Arsenal came close to finishing in the top four, but a string of poor results near the end allowed rivals Tottenham to leapfrog them.

Despite reaching the Europa League finals in 2019, Petit insists Arsenal must focus on the Premier League.

As quoted by Football London, he said:

“The Europa League, as you know, the winner has a chance to play the Champions League for the following season, so it’s something that Arsenal are very aware about.”

“They were not far from reaching it last season. But they have the quality to do something good in this competition. Knowing, as well, that there is big, big teams in the Europa League.”

“For me, the priority is the Premier League. If they can do something good in Europa League, that’s good enough, I will take it. But to be honest with you, and I’m pretty sure all the players and managers are focussed about it, their priority is the Premier League. They need to come back to the way Arsenal was before years ago.”

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