‘They are inexperienced’: Former Arsenal captain William Gallas blasts Saliba and White for the defeat at Old Trafford

By Sportarsh Team
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Former Arsenal captain William Gallas blamed Arsenal’s defeat at Old Trafford on center-backs William Saliba and Ben White.

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The Gunners’ unbeaten league start came to an end at Old Trafford, thanks to goals from Rashford and new United signing Antony. Prior to the visit, Arsenal had gone five games undefeated.

Despite the defeat, the Gunners still remain lead the league with 15 points and former captain William Gallas, has slammed both defenders for their roles in the defeat.

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Gallas stated to Genting Casino:

Against Manchester United, at Old Trafford, you can’t concede those types of goals, especially the second and the third one. That was a big mistake of Saliba and Ben White – they didn’t communicate properly and they conceded because of it.

Their positioning was poor. On the third goal, you’ll have to explain to me how the defensive line was so high. That was a basic mistake to make at this level. Saliba looked like he was in the position of the left back and White was isolated in the middle on his own.

‘I don’t understand why Arsenal played with a line that high when there was time for them to come back into the game – it was unnecessary to play so high. Teams should only concede this type of goal when they are chasing a game in stoppage time, not when there is 15 minutes left to play.

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