‘They supported him through difficult times’: Graham Potter calls on Chelsea to give him time and support, just like Arsenal gave Mikel Arteta if he is to succeed

By Sportarsh Team
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Graham Potter has praised Arsenal’s model and admits he wants the same treatment at Chelsea.

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The former Brighton manager made this known in a pre-match interview as his team prepared to face Arsenal.

Graham Potter’s men suffered defeat on Sunday at home to Arsenal, dropping them to seventh on the league log. His team has only gained two points in their last four games.

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He stated via The DailyMail:

“What I like is that they identified Mikel and supported him through difficult times. There have been times when he has been under pressure, certainly from the outside.”

“Take the rivalry of Arsenal and Chelsea away and that is quite a good thing from a coach’s perspective to see a club support and back him and come through. They are getting the rewards now.”

“It is a combination of good work from him and the staff and good recruitment and support.‘It sounds straightforward but it isn’t.”

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