‘They’re worse now’: Newcastle legend Alan Shearer agrees with Mikel Arteta insisting premier League referees aren’t good enough

By Sportarsh Team
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Ex Premier League player Alan Shearer insists Premier League referees are now worst.

This comes after his former side’s controversial win against Arsenal on Saturday.

Newcastle ended Arsenal’s unbeaten start to the league with a ‘debatable’ goal.

Alan Shearer told The Rest Is Football podcast:

“I can’t agree with what was said or the statement. But having said that, and Howard Webb will never say this, but I reckon and certainly my opinion is, that we’ve got the best football, the best stadiums, the best managers, the best coaches, the best atmospheres.”

“We’ve got the best of everything in our country, but we haven’t got the best referees. Unfortunately, this pool of referees that we have at this moment in time, I just think that they’re not good enough.It’s a difficult job I know and I understand all of that and they’re in a no-win situation at times. But I don’t think they’re a good pool of referees and I think they’re worse now because of VAR than they’ve ever been.”

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