‘This is a joke and a disgrace’: Ex Brazil player Neto insists Gabriel Martinelli doesn’t deserve to play in the World Cup

By Sportarsh Team
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Former Brazil midfielder Neto has slammed current Brazilian coach Tite for selecting Gabriel Martinelli for his World Cup squad.

Martinelli, according to the coach, has only scored five goals this season and thus does not deserve a place in the World Cup.

He made this known as the host of the Brazilian television show ‘Os Donos da Bola’.

He said:

“This is a shame, this is a joke. This shows an institution that often makes you feel ashamed. I feel ashamed, not because of the Dani Alves story. What’s Martinelli’s story? What is the story of Martinelli, who has 33 career goals? This is a disgrace.”

“This is disrespectful to football and shows how dirty football is. This has already happened to you and me, Velloso [former Palmeiras and Santos goalkeeper], because we didn’t go to the World Cup because we didn’t play in Rio de Janeiro. If we had played for Vasco, Flamengo, Fluminense or Botafogo, we would have been in the 1990 World Cup.”

“Doing this with football shows that you don’t deserve the position you are in. Calling up Martinelli and not calling up Gabigol is heresy, a lack of respect. The biggest shame of all the call-ups. Calling up Martinelli shows that you, Tite, shouldn’t hold the position you do, because you’re not fair to Gabigol.”

“The guy who scores five goals in the season, who walks around the mall here, nobody knows who he is… And not taking Gabigol, the guy who scored the goal of the Libertadores title, who scored 29 goals in the season.What has Martinelli done in European football? Arsenal are not even in the Champions League.

“This is a calamity. It’s the biggest shame.‘How many goals has Gabriel Jesus scored in these last games? Oh, none. And in the World Cup? Zero. How many goals has he scored in the qualifiers? Zero. He hasn’t scored in eight games. So it’s not time!”

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