‘We’ll have to watch until the final stretch’: Kin Aguero warns Arsenal insisting Man City, Man Utd and Newcastle are still in the title race

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Former Manchester City forward Kun Aguero has warned league leaders Arsenal that Manchester City, Manchester United, and Newcastle United can still win the Premier League.

The Gunners have 50 points after 19 games and are 5 points ahead of Manchester City with a game in hand.

Arteta’s team are also 11 points ahead of Manchester United and Newcastle United.

Aguero is no stranger to winning a league on the final day, as his goal in 2012 helped City win the league after initially trailing Manchester United by 8 points.

Aguero shared his views on the title challenge, via Metro:

‘As things stand, it’s going to either Arsenal, City or United. Newcastle can’t be discounted either, they played a great first half of the tournament. I wouldn’t go [as far to say] that Man City aren’t clicking.’

‘The Premier League is the most competitive league there is, and it’s perfectly normal to see the top contenders get reinforcements and go back to their historical standards.‘

‘It wouldn’t be long for Arsenal or United to get back into the fold. The two of them suffered the aftermath of two very successful cycles – Arsene Wenger’s and Alex Ferguson’s – and now they’ve returned in force.‘

‘City have won four out of the five last Premier Leagues. They’re still in the fight, and that needs to be recognised. Prowling from the second position, ready to strike – anything can happen.’

‘Over the last few years, City have known how to keep on the pulse of the Premier League.‘We can’t forget how our races with Liverpool over the last few years were decided by a razor-thin margin. City’s experience on this will play a big part.’

‘As the leader, you can’t shake off the feeling that there’s a rival hot on your track, catching up to you. Arsenal’s team is younger and will have to deal with that pressure.‘They are solid today, they are decided, but we’ll have to watch until the final stretch.’

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