‘You can’t have that’: Pundit Chris Sutton blasts Eddie Nketiah for giving Arsenal’s penalty to Fabio Vieira during Sheffield game

By Sportarsh Team
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Chris Sutton was furious after Eddie Nketiah chose to hand the ball to Fabio Vieira instead of converting from the spot.

Nketiah, who scored a Hattrick against Sheffield, could have had a double brace in the game but chose to give Vieira the opportunity to score from the spot.

According to Eddie Nketiah, Fabio is expecting a child and felt it was the appropriate thing to do.

However, Chris Sutton insists Eddie Nketiah should be ruthless going forward. He said:

‘”Nketiah, Alan Shearer would have just kept the ball and ripped it off you. All this stuff about Vieira’s wife having a baby…What if it’s last game of the season. Arsenal need to score a penalty to win the title and Ben White’s hamster has had a couple of pups, or whatever they are called.“

“And he says I want the penalty to Saka because that would mean so much to me because my hamster has had babies. Would you let him take it? Really? I mean, come on. It’s all well and good but you can’t have that. You get my point. It’s all sort of it’s Sheffield United, they’re hopeless, it all looks good on the face of it. But you have got to be ruthless.”

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