‘I’m more similar to him’: Fabio Vieira believes he has the same playing style as Lionel Messi

By Sportarsh Team
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Fabio Vieira, Arsenal midfielder, claims to have a similar playing style to seven-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi.

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Arsenal signed the Portuguese midfielder from Porto during the summer transfer window, but he has only scored once.

Not a physical player, he hasn’t yet suited up for the EPl. Arteta is well aware of this and is gradually introducing him to games.

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Fabio Vieira revealed to Arsenal’s official website that Messi and C. Ronaldo have had the greatest influence on his career.

“The two biggest influences for me are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.”

“Ronaldo not because he is Portuguese, but he is really someone who really inspires others with his work ethic, how he had to leave his family and his comfort zone to sign for Sporting, and for him to build the career that he has built inspires everyone.“

“I have met Ronaldo. I met him with the national team as we would both be at the gym, and again recently in our game at Manchester United. He would always provide support and give advice to young players.”

“Messi is more to do with my style of play. I am similar to Messi and I appreciate the way that he plays.”

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