‘They are inexperienced, I don’t think they can’: Liverpool legend John Barnes insists Arsenal can’t win the league, tipping Man City as favourites

By Sportarsh Team
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Liverpool legend John Barnes has downplayed Arsenal’s chances of winning the league, insisting they are a young and inexperienced side.

The Gunners have been brilliant this season, amassing 40 points in 15 games and as a result are top of the league; 5 points ahead of Manchester City.

But despite their impressive performances, John Barnes believes the gunners can’t go all the way to win the title.

He said, as quoted by Metro:

“Yeah I would still say [Manchester City] are favourites [for the title], because of their experience.”

“Arsenal are still a young side and doing very well, a bit like Newcastle. I may be wrong but with their youth I don’t expect them to still not lose matches.”

“Whereas you can’t see Man City losing many matches. But, the closer it gets, if they’re still five-six points ahead, maybe I’ll change my mind.”

“But I still think, because of their youth that they have, come February-March, where it’s not about playing well, it’s about getting matches done and winning even if you’re not playing well, can Arsenal do that consistently, between now and the end of the season to hold off Man City? I don’t think they can but I won’t be surprised if they do.”

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