‘A complete, total footballer’: Arsenal coaches confident Ethan Nwaneri can surpass Fabregas and Wilshere

By Sportarsh Team
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Arsenal’s coaches are positive Ethan Nwaneri, 15, has the potential to outperform Fabregas and Wilshere.

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After making his debut for the Gunners, Ethan became the Premier League’s youngest player. The Arsenal academy is well-known for producing talented players. Fabregas, Wilshere, Saka, and others came up through the ranks.

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Coaches at Arsenal believe he will become one of the club’s best academy graduates. They describe him as a quick learner who is also adaptable. One Arsenal source said of Nwaneri, as quoted by Dailymail:

“He’s comfortable wherever you play him. He would be the best player if you played him as a right back,’ the source added. ‘Within 10 minutes he’d adapt to it and be the best player on the pitch. A complete, total footballer.”

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